New Criminal Law Statutes Effective January 1, 2018

Sealing of Juvenile Records

AB 529 requires the sealing of juvenile records when a petition is dismissed.

Youthful Offender Parole Process Now Includes Crimes Committed By Those Under The Age Of 25

AB 1308 expands the youth offender parole process for persons sentenced to lengthy prison terms for crimes committed before age 23 to include those 25 or younger.

Elderly Prisoners

AB 1448 allows the Board of Parole hearings to consider the possibility of granting parole to an elderly prisoner who has served at least 25 years in prison.

Three Year Sentence Enhancement For Certain Drug Convictions Repealed  

SB 180 repeals the three-year sentence enhancement for certain prior drug convictions that are added to any new conviction.

Assessment Of Fees On Families Of Youth In The Juvenile Justice System Ends

SB 190 ends the assessment of fees on families of youth in the juvenile justice system.

Sealing Of Juvenile Records

SB 312 authorizes courts to seal juvenile records for certain offenses.

Record Sealing Now Available For Those Arrested But Not Convicted Of A Crime

SB 393 authorizes record sealing and removes barriers to employment for those arrested but never convicted of a crime.

Children Sentenced To Life W/O Possibility Of Parole Are Now Eligible For Parole Hearing

SB 394 ensures compliance with U.S. Supreme Court decisions by allowing children sentenced to life without the possibility of parole to be eligible for a parole hearing after 25 years.

Children 15 Years Or Younger Must Consult With An Attorney Before Waiving Their Rights

SB 395 requires children aged 15 years or younger to consult with an attorney before waiving their rights and before a custodial interrogation.

Judges Do Not Have To Impose Firearm Enhancements

SB 620 restores judicial discretion regarding the imposition of firearm enhancements. Judges retain full authority to impose such sentencing enhancements.

Honorable Discharge Program Created For Youth Who Successfully Complete Probation

SB 625 creates an honorable discharge program for youth who successfully complete probation after release from the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Sources- and California Public Defender’s Association

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